President's Corner

Greetings to everyone in our Lord. I would like to take a moment to share with you some upcoming events and recent Love Cradle news.

Every third Saturday of the month Love Cradle facilitates Family Workshops…focusing on post adoption workshops for orphan children adopted from Easter Europe. Also, workshops on adoption and hosting programs.

The Rainbow of Hope 2013 Summer Hosting Program has commenced as of July 19th. 12 children have come to visit the US for 4 weeks. Children are now engaged in a number of beneficial activities. We will be holding a special picnic banquet for children on August 10th. If you or anyone you know who may be interested in such an orphan/family program please contact Love Cradle Int.

Humanitarian summer clothing has successfully made it to an orphanage in Ukraine where by all the children there received new summer outfits and sandals, the humanitarian gift was greatly appreciated and Love Cradle Int. thanks all those that helped make it a success.

The warm coat and winter boot program is now underway please consider how you may be able to help.


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Love Cradle fundraising golf tournament. 100% of the proceeds designated for orphan children needs/programs.
Families hosting Ukrainian orphan children for 2 to 4 weeks. Making a difference in an orphan child's life.
Love Cradle Int is proud to be an ECFA Member.

Love Cradle Orphan Video