• On January 2nd, Fresh Cut Web was founded. The idea at the time was to build a client business that would serve as the backbone for all the other fun stuff we wanted to do.

  • By summer, Fresh Cut had pulled down its biggest client contract yet, but we had to make a choice. We couldn't do both. So, on June 11th, we shut down the client side of the business.

  • 2013 was a rebuilding year. After narrowing our focus, we redesigned our logo and built a new web presence. It was time to officially head in a new direction.

  • Today, our pursuit is knowledge. Brightfarm represents our efforts in exploring the nature of the matter. Our goal is to develop a collective intelligence platform.

Foundations of Fresh Cut

So what's all that fun stuff ...?

We've had lots of ideas during the life of Fresh Cut. There was an idea to build an educational site to teach web development, and then an idea to build a blog to teach Magento; Most were meant to share knowledge, but none truly captured our passion.

Until now. These days, it's all about the nature of knowledge. It's all about Brightfarm.


Brightfarm is chiefly concerned with knowing all we can know about knowledge. We discuss theories of knowledge and consider how we can apply them to technology. We hope to build a collective intelligence platform.


Legion is Brightfarm's proposed collective intelligence platform. As we learn more about the nature of knowledge, we'll put our experience to use in architecting this worldwide, freely accessible neural network.

Our Focus is Brightfarm

Our primary goal now is simply to get Brightfarm up and running. We've set out these challenges for ourselves:

Future Achievements
  • Relaunch Freshcutweb.com
  • Launch Brightfarm.net
  • Launch Legion.ai
  • Build our first bot with light sensitivity

Achievement Unlocked


To hate, to love,

to think, to feel, to see;

all this is nothing but to perceive.


Matt Swan


Matt started this operation. His current strengths include agile LAMP stack development and critical thinking... and also videogame hockey. His future strengths include traditional programming and robot-building.